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Distributor Caps by Part Number

If you know the distributor cap part number, USE THIS CHART below. If you don't see what you need, give us a call. We have hundreds of caps - some new-old-stock (NOS) and KMC Authentic Reproductions® (KMC). 

To order, click on the Secure Shop link, call (888) 243-0440 toll-free (US) or 01+(972) 243-0440 International.

Part # Type   Photo
LUC400135 KMC/NOS   LUCAS 400135 Distributor Cap
LUC405828 KMC/NOS   Lucas 405828 Distributor Cap
LUC407043 KMC/NOS   Lucas 407043 Distributor Cap
LUC407279 KMC/NOS   Lucas 407279 Distributor Cap
LUC409635 KMC/NOS    
LUC415298 KMC/NOS   Lucas 415298 Distributor Cap
LUC415708 KMC/NOS   Lucas 415708 Distributor Cap
LUC417178 KMC/NOS  
LUC418857 KMC/NOS   Lucas 418857 Distributor Cap
LUC418861 KMC/NOS   Lucas 418861 Distributor Cap
LUC418888 KMC/NOS   Lucas 418888 Distributor Cap
LUC418893 KMC/NOS   Lucas 418893 Distributor Cap
LUC420760 KMC/NOS  
LUC54414989 KMC/NOS   Lucas 54414989 Distributor Cap
DC14 KMC/NOS   Delco DC14 Distributor Cap

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